Guide to Dining

Welcome To Your Dining Program

On behalf of the Dining Services Staff, welcome to Lyndon Institute. Our goal is to provide the finest quality meals and service to our students, faculty, staff and guests. We have a delicious menu of dining options that will help make your student’s academic experience more enjoyable.

Dining Information and Policies

Speak Up

This is YOUR dining service and we are here to serve you! We appreciate your input and feedback to better meet your needs. You can make your voice heard through comment cards or just introduce yourself and tell us what you think.

Special Events

The Dining service staff have “special days” each month. On these days the staff celebrates the silly and not-so-silly holidays. When appropriate the special events will mirror lesson plans.Check the monthly menu for more details.

Registered Dietician

We have a wealth of resources available to our guests, including the expert guidance of a registered dietitian. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations concerning any dietary need, such as sports nutrition, weight control, food allergies, or medically prescribed diets.

Nutrition Alive

It never hurts to learn at meal times too! You are what you eat and we want to make sure that every student understands the benefits of healthy eating. Check out our nutrition display in the dining hall. It is stocked with nutrition information and brochures.

Supporting Local Farms & Food

Lyndon Institute is a proud supporter of local agriculture and the Buy Local initiative.

Menus for Lyndon will be written seasonally with an emphasis on the use of fresh, local and regional ingredients. Our purchasing program has been developed with environmentally-sound sourcing policies in mind that include: humanely raised meat and eggs, rBGH-free dairy products, and the use of locally-grown produce.

Special Dietary Needs

If you have special dietary needs, please consult with the Food Service Director. All efforts will be made to meet your special needs.


The FSD is available to answer any nutritional or allergy-related questions. Lexington employs a full-time registered dietitian to address further concerns. The dining staff will make any reasonable accommodations for students with allergies. Identifiers are also placed in front of the meal selections to denote which allergens they may contain.

Service Regulations

Your understanding and observation of the following regulations will guarantee smooth, efficient operation of the Dining Hall.

  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Please behave courteously at all times.
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